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Picture of Charles Gates Dawes
[Library of Congress]


30th Vice President (1925-1929)

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Education: Marietta College

Occupation: civil engineer, lawyer, banker, businessman

Political Affiliation: Republican

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

Summary of Religious Views:

Views on Religion & Politics:


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Works by Charles Dawes

The Banking System of the United States and Its Relation to the Money and the Business of the Country, Rand McNally, 1894 [alternative site]; reprint, The Banking System of the United States and Its Relation to the Money and Business of the Country (The Rise of commercial banking)
Essays and Speeches, Houghton, 1915
A Journal of the Great War, 2 vols, Houghton, 1921, Vol. I [alternative site], Vol. II [alternative site]
The First Year of the Budget of the United States, Harper, 1923
Notes As Vice President, 1928-1929, Little, Brown, 1935, reprint, Notes As Vice President 1928-1929
How Long Prosperity?, Marquis, 1937
Journal As Ambassador To Great Britain, Macmillan, 1939
A Journal of Reparations,, Macmillan, 1939
Ed: B. N. TimmonsA Journal of the McKinley years, Tower, 1950


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