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Signer of the Declaration of Independence (New Jersey)

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Education: College of Philadelphia (University of Pennsylvania)

Occupation: lawyer, writer, composer, inventor

Political Affiliation:

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

Summary of Religious Views:

Hopkinson was secretary of the organizing convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Views on Religion & Politics:


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Works by Francis Hopkinson

Letter to John Jay, 11 March 1786 (The Founder's Constitution)
Consolation for the Old Bachelor from The Oxford Book of American Essays (Bartleby.com)
Three Poems by Francis Hopkinson
Battle of the Kegs -- song by Francis Hopkinson
My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free [alternate site] -- song by Francis Hopkinson
Enraptured I Gaze -- song by Francis Hopkinson
A short poem by Francis Hopkinson

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