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Picture of Hubert H. Humphrey
[LBJ Library Photo by Yoichi R. Okamoto]


38th Vice President (1965-1969)

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Education: Denver College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, Louisiana State University

Occupation: pharmacist, college professor, news commentator

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Religious Affiliation: Lutheran?, Methodist?, Congregationalist?

Summary of Religious Views:

Humphrey was raised in a Lutheran family, but, because there was no Lutheran church in his hometown, he and his family attended a Methodist church. As an adult, he liked to attend church with his children when he could.

Views on Religion & Politics:


"I was baptized in in the Highland Lutheran church in a rural section just north of Lily, South Dakota. It just so happened when we moved to Doland, South Dakota, that there was no Lutheran church and our family affiliated with the Methodist church." -- letter to Rev. Tenner Thompson, March 1945

"I attended church as a boy, primarily at mother's insistence, but also because I liked it and because Julian Hartt, the minister's son, was a close friend. In 1922, on the day Ralph and I were baptized, my father, then forty, joined the church." -- The Education of a Public Man: My Life and Politics, 1976, p. 29

"On one occasion, a traffic policeman in handing out a ticket called the violator a 'dirty Jew.' I suspended him for fifteen days without pay. I tried with far less success to stop the verbal abuse of Negroes." -- The Education of a Public Man: My Life and Politics, 1976, p. 99

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Works by Hubert H. Humphrey

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Works by Hubert H. Humphrey

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Works by Hubert H. Humphrey

1948 Democratic National Convention Address (American Rhetoric)
Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Address (American Rhetoric)
Oral Histories -- Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr. (Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum)

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