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7th Vice President (1825-1829)

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Education: Yale

Occupation: lawyer, planter

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Religious Affiliation: Unitarian?

Summary of Religious Views:

Calhoun was raised in a strongly Presbyterian household. Always deeply interested in religion, he was quite learned in the subject. Although he never joined a church, and refused to profess himself a Christian, he frequently attended church, particularly the Episcopal church to which his wife belonged. He contributed money to the construction (& is listed as a founding member) of the First Unitarian Church of Washington (which later became All Souls Church), and, for a time, at least, seemed to favor that group. According to one biographer, in matters of religion, "Even his friends had no idea where he stood." (Margaret L. Coit, John C. Calhoun: American Portrait, p. 508)
When Calhoun was on his deathbed, he turned away the Senate chaplain, who had come intending to minister to him.

Views on Religion & Politics:


"To the Infinite Being, the Creator of all, belongs exclusively the care and superintendence of the whole. He, in his infinite wisdom and goodness, has allotted to every class of animated beings its condition and appropriate functions; and has endowed each with feelings, instincts, capacities, and faculties, best adapted to its allotted condition. To man, he has assigned the social and political state, as best adapted to develop the great capacities and faculties, intellectual and moral, with which he has endowed him; and has, accordingly, constituted him so as not only to impel him into the social state, but to make government necessary for his preservation and well-being." -- Disquisition on Government

"I won't be told what to think!" -- said in turning away Rev. C. M. Butler, Senate chaplain, who had come to minister to Calhoun during his final illness.

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Works by John C. Calhoun

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Works by John C. Calhoun

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