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Delegate to the Constitutional Convention (Maryland)

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Occupation: physician

Political Affiliation: Federalist

Organizational Affiliation(s): Mason

Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian

Summary of Religious Views:

Was president of a bible society.

Views on Religion & Politics:


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Works by James McHenry

A Sidelight on History: Being the Letters of James McHenry, Aide-de-Camp of the Marquis de Lafayette to Thomas Sim Lee, Governor of Maryland, Written During the Yorktown Campaign, 1781, Privately printed, 1931
Journal of a March, a Battle, and a Waterfall, being the version elaborated by James McHenry from his diary of the year 1778, begun at Valley Forge, & containing accounts of the British, the Indians, and the Battle of Monmouth, Privately printed, 1945


Frederick J. Brown, A Sketch of the Life of Dr James McHenry, J. Murphy, 1877
Bernard C. Steiner, The Life and Correspondence of James McHenry, Secretary of War under Washington and Adams, Burrows Bros. Co., 1907; reprint, Life And Correspondence Of James McHenry: Secretary Of War Under Washington And Adams


Works by James McHenry

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