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Picture of Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr.


Delegate to the Constitutional Convention (North Carolina)

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Education: Glasgow University


Political Affiliation: Democratic-Republican

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

Summary of Religious Views:

Views on Religion & Politics:


"As to the subject of religion, I thought what had been said would fully satisfy that gentleman and every other. No power is given to the general government to interfere with it at all. Any act of Congress on this subject would be a usurpation.
"No sect is preferred to another. Every man has a right to worship the Supreme Being in the manner he thinks proper. No test is required. All men of equal capacity and integrity, are equally eligible to offices. Temporal violence might make mankind wicked, but never religious. A test would enable the prevailing sect to persecute the rest. I do not suppose an infidel, or any such person, will ever be chosen to any office, unless the people themselves be of the same opinion. He says that Congress may establish ecclesiastical courts. I do not know what part of the Constitution warrants that assertion. It is impossible. No such power is given them." -- Debate in North Carolina Ratifying Convention, 30 July 1788

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SPAIGHT, Richard Dobbs, 1758-1802 (Biographical Directory of the US Congress)
Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr. (National Archives -- The Founding Fathers)
Richard Dobbs Spaight (Soldier-Statesmen of the Constitution -- Center of Military History, United States Army)
Richard Dobbs Spaight, Sr. (Colonial Hall)
North Carolina Governor Richard Dobbs Spaight (National Governors Association)

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