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Signer of the Declaration of Independence (Virginia)

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Education: educated abroad

Occupation: planter

Political Affiliation: Anti-Administration

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"It is true, we are not disposed to differ much, at present, about religion; but when we are making a constitution, it is to be hoped, for ages and millions yet unborn, why not establish the free exercise of religion, as a part of the national compact." -- Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican, IV, 12 October 1787

"The following, I think, will be allowed to be unalienable or fundamental rights in the United States: ?
"No man, demeaning himself peaceably, shall be molested on account of his religion or mode of worship . . . " -- Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican, VI, 25 December 1787

"The qualifications of the representatives are also fixed and designated, and no person under 25 years of age, not an inhabitant of the state, and not having been seven years a citizen of the United States, can be elected; the clear inference is, that all persons 25 years of age, and upwards, inhabitants of the state, and having been, at any period or periods, seven years citizens of the United States, may be elected representatives. They have a right to be elected by the constitution, and the electors have a right to chuse them. This is fixing the federal representation, as to the elected, on a very broad basis: it can be no objection to the elected, that they are Christians, Pagans, Mahometans, or Jews; that they are of any colour, rich or poor, convict or not . . . " -- Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican, XII, 12 January 1788

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Works by Richard Henry Lee

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Works by Richard Henry Lee

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