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Delegate to the Constitutional Convention (Massachusetts)

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Education: Harvard

Occupation: lawyer

Political Affiliation: Federalist

Organizational Affiliation(s): Mason

Religious Affiliation: Episcopalian

Summary of Religious Views:

Views on Religion & Politics:


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Works by Rufus King

ed. by Charles R. King, The Life and Correspondence of Rufus King, 6 vols., G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1894-1900; Vol. I Vol. II Vol. III Vol. IV Vol. V Vol. VI [excerpts]


Edward H. Brush, Rufus King And His Times, N. L. Brown, 1926
Robert Ernst, Rufus King, American Federalist, Univ.of North Carolina Press, 1968


Works by Rufus King

"Letters of Rufus King," Massachusetts Historical Society Proceedings, 49, 1915-16, pp. 81-89


Joseph L. Arbena, "Politics or Principle? Rufus King and the Opposition to Slavery," Essex Institute Historical Collections, 101, January 1965, pp. 56-77
Myron F. Wehtje, "Rufus King and the Formation of the Constitution," Studies in History and Society, 1, April 1969, pp. 17-31
Richard E. Welch, "Rufus King of Newburyport: The Formative Years (1767-1788)," Essex Institute Historical Collections, 96, October 1960, pp. 241-76


Works by Rufus King

Notes of Rufus King in the Federal Convention of 1787 (Avalon Project -- Yale Law School)
Letter to Elbridge Gerry (TeachingAmericanHistory.org)

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KING, Rufus, 1755-1827 (Biographical Directory of the US Congress)
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Religious Views

Rufus King's views on Separation of Church and State (Separation of Church and State)

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