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Signer of the Declaration of Independence (Rhode Island)

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Education: Harvard

Occupation: lawyer

Political Affiliation:

Organizational Affiliation(s): Mason

Religious Affiliation: Congregationalist

Summary of Religious Views:

In his younger years, Ellery was not much interested in theology, and was reluctant to join any church. Despite this, one of his close friends in this period was the well-known preacher Ezra Stiles. Later in life, Ellery developed a strong interest in theology, and exchanged letters on the subject with his grandson, the Unitarian minister William Ellery Channing.

Views on Religion & Politics:


"There is but one correct system of Divinity, and that is contained in the Scriptures. What is not therein expressly declared or fairly to be inferred therefrom is human, and by consequence imperfect and incorrect." -- letter to William Ellery Channing, 10 June 1806

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