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Peter in hat and shades
A picture of me taken by my son when he was 9.

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, & graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. Although I earned a BS in mathematics, & have enjoyed a lifelong interest in the sciences & mathematics, my primary professional activity (aside from a bit of consulting), both before & after college, has been writing, especially poetry (poetry related links; a list of my published poems; a list of my published fiction & a few sample poems; a brief essay outlining my ideas on art & creativity; look up my listing in A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers], & at SFWA. I also have an abiding interest in science fiction. And I have done some work on a book questioning the validity of economic theory. (see: Is Economic Theory a Pseudoscience ?)

My wife Susan & I have been married since 1982, & have lived in Pittsburgh, Madison, Wisconsin, & various locations in Maryland. We currently reside in Mansfield, Ohio. To see some family photos, click here.

To contact me, you can email me at

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