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immersed in waves, perceiving god1

by Peter Roberts


frozen in mid-swell
i walk over them.
not perceived by waves, i transcend them
not perceiving god, he transcends me
not perceived by god, i transcend him

unmoving whirlpool/helix;
i drop to its nadir.
immersed in time, i am paradoxical
immersed in itself, time is paradoxical
immersed in myself, i am time


i walk across time-
unmoving waves.
i am transcended by paradox
paradox is transcended by god
god is transcended by time

i drop to my center-
frozen whirlpool.
i perceive god
god perceives time
time perceives transcendence


time transcends god
i perceive time

time is paradoxical
i perceive paradox

time is transcendent
i perceive transcendence

time transcends itself
i transcend perception

1 — © Copyright 1978 by Beyond Baroque Foundation. First published in beyond baroque 782, July 1978 (Vol. 9, No. 2 of Beyond Baroque Foundation Publications), p. 43.

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